What is moon rock?

What is a cannabis moon rock, and how is it made? How do moon rocks differ from other cannabis products in terms of potency and consumption methods?

One answer “What is moon rock?

  1. A cannabis moon rock is a potent and unique form of cannabis, created by combining high-THC flowers with cannabis concentrates such as shatter or wax. Moon rocks are typically consumed through either a joint or a pipe, as smoking provides the best experience for users looking for an intense psychedelic high.

    The name “moon rock” is derived from the trichomes that seem to glisten and sparkle like small pieces of diamond on the surface of the cannabis flower. This is caused by the THC itself, as THC-rich cannabis products often contain higher amounts of terpenes, which give them an increased odor, flavor, and sometimes even a sparkling visual appearance.

    Making moon rocks is a relatively simple process, but it does require the user to have a steady hand and some equipment to get it right. The basic ingredients of moon rocks are the high-THC cannabis flower, a concentrate such as wax or shatter, and a butane torch to heat up the concentrate and make it malleable.

    First, the user takes the concentrated material and applies it all over the surface of the cannabis flower. Once the concentrate has been applied, the user then uses the butane torch to heat up the concentrate, which makes it more pliable and able to coat the entire surface of the flower. Once this is done, all that’s left to do is let the flower cool off and dry before it is ready to be enjoyed.

    As far as potency goes, moon rocks are without a doubt incredibly strong. They are made with some of the highest THC-content cannabis flowers, and by adding their concentrates such as wax or shatter, their THC content is pushed through the roof. Typically, moonrock THC levels can range between 50-80%, making them several times more potent than even some of the most potent cannabis flowers.

    Finally, as far as consumption methods go, moon rocks are typically smoked. This can be done through either a joint or a pipe, but given the extremely high THC content in a moon rock, it is best to take it slow so as not to overwhelm the user. Due to the high THC content and unique combination of cannabis flower and concentrate, smoking moon rocks provides users an intense psychedelic high, producing an experience unlike any other form of cannabis.

    Overall, moon rocks are a unique and potent form of cannabis that provide users with a psychedelic experience like no other. Created with cannabis flowers and concentrates, these rocks contain extremely high levels of THC, allowing users to experience an intense high. Although consuming moon rocks may be dangerous due to their potency, if done responsibly they are a great way to enjoy a truly unique form of cannabis.

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