Do grow lights have any impact on the potency of cannabis?

Do grow lights have any impact on the potency of the cannabis plants that are being grown under them? If so, how does it work?

One answer “Do grow lights have any impact on the potency of cannabis?

  1. Grow lights have a huge impact on the potency of cannabis plants that are being grown under them, due to how they affect the plant’s growth and development. It’s important to understand that plants absorb light at different wavelength, which leads to different spectrums of light or “colors”. Different stages of growth of the cannabis plants need different spectrums to maximize their growth potential. Most notably, the blue and red spectrums are essential when it comes to growing cannabis, and different stages of the plants will require either more of one or the other.

    The blue spectrum is crucial during the vegetative stage of growth, as it helps to interpret day and night and stimulates growth. This important in the cannabis plant’s development as its leafs, stems, and branches are being established. This is also when cloning is done, as the blue spectrum helps to encourage the plants to branch out and produce a stronger, healthier root system.

    On top of that, the blue spectrum is also thought to increase chlorophyll production, which helps to increase photosynthesis efficiency and leads to larger yields. The blue spectrum is also said to produce higher trichome production, which are the components responsible for the plant’s potency.

    When it comes to the flowering stage, the red spectrum is the most important. The red spectrum is beneficial due to increased photosynthesis and chlorophyll production, and also stimulates more buds to form and develop. Red light is also known to trigger flower and resin production in the cannabis plants, which impacts their strength, flavour, and smell.

    When it comes to the overall potency of the cannabis plants, it is important to have both the red and blue spectrums in mind. While the different spectrums play a crucial role in the growth of cannabis and their potency, there are still other factors in play. With the use of nutrient solutions, and deliberately choosing the right strains that selectively grown to have higher THC levels, growers can definitely achieve higher potency levels.

    Therefore, grow lights definitely affect the potency of cannabis plants. With the use of red and blue spectrum, growers are able to optimize their plants growth and promote the production of powerful trichomes, resulting in potent and healthy cannabis plants. In conclusion, the use of high quality grow lights, in combination with the right strain and nutrients, definitely pays off in terms of the potency of the cannabis plants.

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