One answer “Do cannabis seeds contain THC?

  1. Cannabis seeds are the source of all marijuana plants, but are they psychoactive? The simple truth is that cannabis seeds do not contain any of the psychoactive compounds commonly associated with marijuana, like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). In fact, cannabis seeds have to be specially processed in order to produce the high-inducing compounds we know and love.

    So, the wrong question to ask is “what is the THC content of cannabis seeds”. Instead, it’s better to ask whether or not it’s possible to get high from consuming them. The answer to this question is a resounding “no”; cannabis seeds contain no psychoactive compounds. That being said, cannabis seeds still do have medicinal properties due to the compounds that they do contain, such as; essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals and more.

    The reason why cannabis seeds don’t contain any THC can be traced back to the way marijuana plants themselves are bred. During the early stages of the marijuana plant’s growth, breeders will often cross-pollinate two different strains of cannabis in order to increase the potential for the abilities of the plant. These hybrid plants then go on to produce seeds with a much richer cannabinoid profile than a plant derived from standard seed stock. The great thing about hybrid plants is that they offer growers the ability to customize the profile of phytocannabinoids they’d like their plants to produce, allowing them to create strains that produce predominantly THC, CBD, or even both. This cross-pollination process, however, eliminates the THC content in the seeds of the plant, since the seeds themselves are technically not the same as the parents. This is further complicated by the fact that when the pollen and ovule of the flowers come together, they produce a new form of cannabis, effectively eliminating the THC content from the plants’ seeds entirely.

    Although cannabis seeds don’t contain any of the psychoactive compounds, that doesn’t mean that they’re completely useless. They are actually very beneficial for a range of reasons – ranging from being a great source of essential fatty acids and proteins, to being considered an ancient medicinal remedy. Plus, the fact that the seeds are completely organic and contain no psychoactive compounds makes them an ideal food source for those looking to get a nutritious meal in with no adverse effects.

    So to recap, the THC content of cannabis seeds is 0%, and no, it’s not possible to get high from consuming them. Despite this however, cannabis seeds still have multiple benefits, making them a great addition to any diet.

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