What are the best grow light spectrums for cannabis?

I heard there are different spectrums of light that are better for growing cannabis than others. What are the best spectrums for growing cannabis and why?

One answer “What are the best grow light spectrums for cannabis?

  1. The Cannabis plant is a very special one when it comes to growing and harvesting. Its ability to take on many different forms and colors makes it an attractive plant for many outdoor and indoor environments. In order to ensure the best possible quality, however, its important to understand what type of light is best to use when growing marijuana.

    As with any other plant, cannabis needs a good combination of light and dark cycles to optimize photosynthesis and growth. During the day, when plants are actively performing photosynthesis, they need light – and not just any light, they need the right type of light spectrum.

    Light spectrum is broken down into different parts of the spectrum, namely the visible spectrum, which includes ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) range. While the UV range is made up of shorter, beyond-visible wavelengths, the visible spectrum is composed of the colors we can see. On the other hand, IR is composed of longer wavelengths and provides heat energy for cannabis growth.

    In terms of light spectrums, the best spectrum for growing cannabis is in the blue/violet range and the red/orange range. This part of the spectrum helps to encourage strong and plentiful leaf and node development for vegetative growth, helps to increase resin and trichome production for flowering, and can promote thick branching and larger yields.

    The blue/violet range is the best choice for vegetative growing because it encourages strong and plentiful leaf and node development. Blue light will promote healthy root development, which even when flowering is necessary to support the entire plant. Blue light also promotes vegetative growth and helps trigger certain plant hormones that are essential for robust vegetative development.

    The red/orange range is a better choice for flowering due to its ability to promote resin and trichome production. The red range is responsible for triggering the flowering hormone and is responsible for turning the plant into a mature flowering adult. Since trichomes and resins are primarily responsible for cannabinoid and terpene production, having an abundance of those compounds leads to a high yield, as well as better potency and flavor.

    In conclusion, the best spectrum for growing cannabis is the combination of blue/violet and red/orange light. This combination provides the ideal light for vegetative and flowering growth, leading to stronger root growth, stronger branching, and higher potency through increased resin and trichome production. While all other color spectrums are valid and can be used to grow cannabis, these two spectrums provide the ideal combination for strong and plentiful yields throughout the entire growth cycle.

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