Can I breed autoflowering plants?

I have some autoflowering plants that I want to breed. Is it possible to breed autoflowering plants and if so, what are the challenges associated with breeding autoflowering plants?

One answer “Can I breed autoflowering plants?

  1. Breeding autoflowering plants may seem daunting at first, but it is possible with careful consideration and technique. Autoflowering plants are different from regular cannabis plants in that they don’t require shortening photoperiods (or light/dark hours) or light deprivation to flower. Autoflowering plants flower on their own when the conditions are right, typically after about 8 weeks from seed.

    Autoflowering plants are typically genetic crosses of varieties of Cannabis Ruderalis, a short, stalky plant of the Cannabis genus which is believed to have originated in the Russian steppes. It’s very low in THC and is therefore not as desired as the hybrid plants, but it has the special ability that it flowers regardless of the amount of light it receives, thus the end result being an auto-flowering plant.

    These autoflowering plants have allowed the user to choose more desirable genetics while still gaining the perk of intermittent flowering. Moreover, they can be grown in places not suitable for regular cannabis, such as guerrilla grows or indoor hydroponic systems, due to their much smaller size.

    To breed autoflowering plants successfully, both parents must be autoflowering strains, otherwise you wind up with regular cannabis plants that do not express autoflowering behavior. When selectin parent plants for breeding, concentration on taxonomic features such as the size of the flowers, language size, the amount of resin present and robustness are important considerations. Finally, the aroma of the bud sample should match the desired characteristics.

    When it comes to technique, the seeds are first sown seed into a sterile potting mix. After the seeds germinate, the male and female plants are separated and put into their own pots. The male plants are then used to pollinate the female plants. The female plant then goes on to produce ripe buds that are packed with THC and may possess varying degrees of characteristics such as taste, smell and effects. The process will take 8-10 weeks, depending on strain and environmental conditions.

    When the female plants are finished flowering, the dried bud is ground up and placed in a grow sheet, sealed to retain its autoflowering genetics. The seeds that form can then be grown into new auto-flowering plants, allowing the breeder to replicate their desired strain and ultimately increase their production.

    In summary, breeding autoflowering cannabis plants is an interesting and rewarding endeavor. With careful selection of parent plants, proper technique and some luck, it is possible to replicate desired strain traits that can make a bigger and better autoflowering plants. Enjoy the challenge and have fun!

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