One answer “do cannabis seeds go bad

  1. When it comes to discussing the shelf life of cannabis seeds, one has to consider a variety of factors. Cannabis seeds contain a range of chemical compounds, which means their storage and expiry date can vary significantly.

    Generally speaking, cannabis seeds can have a shelf life of four to five years. However, it may be worth noting that although the seeds can last this long, the quality of the seed decreases rapidly as the time passes. Therefore, it is important to buy quality seeds, keep them in a cool, dark and dry place, and try to avoid using old ones to ensure successful germination.

    It is also important to note that the shelf life of cannabis seeds can be affected by their physical environment and the conditions they are kept in. Firstly, the temperature and relative humidity in the room the seeds are kept in makes a difference. Cannabis seeds should ideally be stored at an average room temperature of around 15–20°c (59–68°f) and a relative humidity of roughly 50%.

    Furthermore, the quality of the seeds will play a part in determining their shelf life. Some cannabis seeds are produced with protective outer shells that are designed to preserve the seeds for longer than others. Seeds with a stronger outer shell will naturally have a longer shelf life. These seeds should also be kept in larger containers to ensure the quality remains consistent.

    Additionally, the method of storage matters too. It is highly recommended to store the seeds in an airtight container or bags, rather than leaving them in an open container. This will help to protect the seeds from moisture and prevent mould or mildew. Additionally, it is important to avoid freezing or microwaving cannabis seeds as they can become damaged.

    Cannabis seed quality can also be affected by the way they are transported and handled. If the seeds are being shipped, it is important to make sure they are adequately packaged and placed away from direct sunlight.

    In summary, cannabis seeds can last four to five years if stored correctly, however the quality of the seed decreases over time. Therefore, it is important to store cannabis seeds in airtight containers, in a cool and dry place with a stable temperature and humidity. Furthermore, it is essential to use high-quality seeds and avoid exposing them to sunlight or freezing them to ensure successful germination.

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