One answer “Do female cannabis plants grow seeds?

  1. Most cannabis plants are either female or hermaphroditic, meaning they contain both “male” and “female” sex organs. But in either case, theoretically, female-only cannabis plants can still produce seeds without the assistance of a male plant.

    The answer to whether or not this is desirable depends on whether or not the plants in question are natural or have been cultivated, and what the end goal is. In terms of natural growth, seeds can provide an essential means of propagation and the preservation of genetic material. Female plants, however, can produce cannabis that is unpollinated and thus, more potent and useful due to its high cannabinoid content. Knowing more precisely what purpose you’re growing the plant for can influence the decision as to whether pollinating is worth the risk of reducing the quality and potency of the final product.

    In contrast, if what’s being cultivated are engineered or hybrid strains that are exclusively female, this is achieved through the work of a breeder who has manually removed the male parts from the female plants. Here, pollination is not the goal and quite the opposite – the female plants will produce a product that is much more free of the male traits associated with pollination. This kind of breeding is done in order to create more highly specialized and tailored products.

    So while female cannabis plants can indeed reproduce and create seeds without the help of a male, the answer to how desirable it is depends largely on the context and precisely what kind of plant you’re talking about. In the case of naturally growing species, it can be beneficial for reproduction and species survival, while in the case of engineered and cultivated hybrids, pollination can compromise the potency and quality of the final product.

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