One answer “What strains have a high resistance to mold?

  1. Popular cannabis strains that are known for their high resistance to mold are Haze and Skunk strains. These two popular strains are renowned for their high resistance to mould, and as such are considered some of the best strains to grow outdoors.

    Haze is a tall, slender strain that is renowned for its potency and unique flavor. Its original strain is a cross between three South American Sativas, Brazilian, Colombian and Mexican. This creates a plant that is tall and thin with long, thin leaves. It’s a great strain to grow outdoors as it is resistant to mould, pests and disease.

    Skunk strains are hybrids of Sativa and Indica strains, though most of them lean more towards the Indica side. They grow short and bushy, with short, broad leaves, making them perfect for indoor growing. The buds of skunk strains are dense and compact, and are renowned for their strong, pungent aroma. Skunk strains are also highly resistant to mould, making them a great choice for outdoor growing.

    Both the Haze and Skunk strains have the same characteristics that make them less susceptible to mould and fungal infections. They are both Sativa-dominant and have long, thin leaves which allows for better airflow of moisture and reduces the risk of mould spores taking hold. Both strains also grow dense, tight buds, which provide good protection from mould spores and the elements.

    The buds of both the Haze and the Skunk strains are also quite sticky due to a high concentration of trichomes, which act like tiny little traps to capture mould spores and prevent them from spreading. Finally, the plants of both strains tend to be quite hardy, with thick, sturdy stems that can withstand both mould and the elements.

    All of these characteristics combine to make both the Haze and Skunk strains very resistant to mould and fungal infections, making them one of the best strains to grow outdoors. As an added bonus, both strains also have superior scent and flavor profiles, making them great for both recreational consumption and concentrate extraction.

    No matter what type of cannabis you’re looking to grow, the Haze and Skunk strains are highly resistant to mould and can be a great choice for outdoor growers. With their strong scent and flavor, hardiness and high mould resistance, these two strains are sure to be crowd pleasers.

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