How can I smoke cannabis without the smell?

Is there a way to smoke cannabis without the smell? What can I do to reduce the odor that comes from smoking? Are there any alternative methods of consuming cannabis that produce less odor?

One answer “How can I smoke cannabis without the smell?

  1. Whether you’re trying to keep your cannabis use discreet or just trying to keep the smell from taking over your home, there are a few solutions to minimizing the smell that comes with smoking cannabis.

    First and foremost, the most common way to reduce the smell of cannabis is to smoke outside or in a well-ventilated area. Make sure your windows are open and you have a fan on if possible. This should minimize the smell that comes from smoking cannabis indoors.

    The next solution is to invest in odor neutralizing products to help reduce the lingering smell. This can come in the form of incense, essential oils, candles, sprays, etc. The idea is to fill the air with a strong, pleasant smell so that it can mask the smell of cannabis.

    For those who don’t want to smoke entirely, there are a few other solutions available. You can consume cannabis in the form of edibles and capsules, or you can vaporize the cannabis using a vaporizer. The vapor produced is much less obvious than the smoke produced when smoking. This means you can consume the cannabis without leaving a strong odour.

    Another solution is to use extracts in the form of waxes, oils, and tinctures to consume your cannabis. These extracts are generally much more potent than traditional dried flowers, so a little goes a long way. And because there is no combustion occurring when these extracts are consumed, there is no smoke and no smell.

    Finally, if none of the above solutions meet your needs, there are actually a few smoking devices that have been designed to eliminate odour. These devices typically contain a carbon filter that will absorb and neutralize the odour as the smoke passes through it. Additionally, some of these devices are designed to cool down the smoke, which also helps to reduce the smell.

    Ultimately, you want to choose the solution that best meets your needs. If you don’t want to smoke entirely and don’t want to invest in odor neutralizers, then the extracts and eliminates are the perfect way to consume cannabis without leaving a strong odour. On the other hand, if you want to smoke traditional flower, then look into purchasing a device that contains a carbon filter.

    No matter what option you go with, just know that there are solutions available to help you minimize the odour that comes from smoking cannabis.

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