how long do cannabis seeds stay viable

How long can cannabis seeds remain viable and usable? What factors affect the viability and how can they be stored to maintain their quality?

One answer “how long do cannabis seeds stay viable

  1. Cannabis seeds are a highly reliable resource for growing beautiful and potent cannabis plants, provided the seeds are kept viable. Viability is the process of maintaining healthy and viable cannabis seeds, allowing them to germinate properly. Many factors can affect the viability of cannabis seeds, and understanding how to store them properly is key for preserving the quality of your precious seed collection.

    In general, cannabis seeds remain viable for up to five years, provided they are kept at an optimal environment. It’s possible that they can last even longer if they’re properly stored. However, keep in mind that viability decreases with time. Age can lead to a decrease in the percentage of viable seeds, so it’s important to use the oldest seeds first.

    The three main factors that affect the viability of cannabis seeds are temperature, moisture and light. If cannabis seeds are exposed to any of these elements for too long, their viability can significantly decrease.

    Temperature is a key factor when it comes to storing cannabis seeds. It’s important to keep them out of direct sunlight and maintain a cool, dark environment to extend their viability. The ideal temperature range for storing cannabis seeds is 40-65 degrees Fahrenheit (4-18°C), though a range of 36-50 degrees Fahrenheit (2-10°C) is ideal. It’s important to not store cannabis seeds in temperatures higher than this, as it can drastically lower the number of viable seeds.

    Moisture is also an important factor to consider. Too much moisture can potentially reduce the viable seed rate, while too little can reduce the germination rate. With that in mind, the optimal moisture level for storing cannabis seeds is between 8 to 10%. It’s important to avoid humidity levels higher than 10% or lower than 5%. When storing cannabis seeds, make sure that your containers are sealed and without any condensation.

    Finally, light can be a huge factor in reducing the viability of cannabis seeds. Even small amounts of light can drastically reduce the viable seed rate, so it’s important to keep stored cannabis seeds out of direct sunlight. It’s best to store them in a dark, air tight container.

    The best way to maintain the quality and viability of your cannabis seeds is to store them properly. Keep them in a sealed, dark and cool environment and avoid exposure to temperature, moisture, and light. Make sure to not store them near anything that could potentially heat up the environment, such as a radiator. It’s also a good idea to use a desiccant, such as silica gel, to maintain a steady, ideal moisture level and keep your seeds dry. With careful attention and proper storing, your cannabis seeds should stay viable and usable for up to five years.

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