What are the best strains for treating glaucoma?

As someone with glaucoma, I’m interested in using cannabis to help manage my symptoms. What are some strains that are known to be effective for this purpose? Also, what should I know about dosing and potential side effects?

One answer “What are the best strains for treating glaucoma?

  1. Using cannabis to manage glaucoma symptoms is a subject of much debate and ongoing research. Some studies have suggested that it can be successful in reducing retinal pressure and alleviating the symptoms of glaucoma, such as blurred vision, headache and nausea. While there are numerous strains of cannabis out there, some are particularly beneficial when it comes to treating glaucoma.

    First and foremost, it should be noted that it is critical to find the right dose to reduce glaucoma symptoms. As a general rule, it is recommended to start low and go slow, gradually increasing the dosage until the desired therapeutic effects are achieved. Too much THC can actually have the opposite effect and increase the pressure in the eye.

    A few of the most commonly used strains of cannabis to manage glaucoma symptoms include White Widow, Northern Lights, and Harlequin. Each of these strains is high in both CBD and THC, which can help reduce pressure in the eyes. White Widow is known for its calming, stress-relieving effects. It is composed of around seventy-five percent Indica and twenty-five percent Sativa, giving it a balanced hybrid feel. Northern Lights is another good strain for reducing glaucoma symptoms. It has a relaxing, sedating effect and is composed of eighty-seven percent Indica and thirteen percent Sativa. Harlequin is an even hybrid of Sativa and Indica and is known for its high CBD content. It has a mild, calming effect and is often used to treat chronic pain.

    When it comes to side effects, it is important to note that, while all of these strains have been generally well-tolerated, there can be some unpleasant side effects or interactions. These include dry eyes, increased heart rate, and lightheadedness. Additionally, it is important to note that cannabis can interact with other medications, so it is important to always consult with your doctor prior to using cannabis to manage glaucoma symptoms.

    In conclusion, the use of cannabis to manage glaucoma symptoms is highly debated and there is still much research yet to be done before we can definitively determine its efficacy. However, studies have suggested that certain strains of cannabis such as White Widow, Northern Lights, and Harlequin may offer some relief. It is important to dose carefully and to always consult with a physician before using cannabis to manage glaucoma symptoms, as it can interact with other medications and result in some side effects.

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