One answer “How to breed cannabis seeds?

  1. Growing and breeding your own cannabis seeds is an exciting and rewarding experience. It not only allows you to grow your own high quality plants, but also gives you the ability to customize the exact type of strain that you want. Whether you’re hoping to create a strain with a specific terpene profile, or a higher THC content, there are a variety of ways to get started.

    The first step to breeding your own cannabis seeds is to select the parent plants. One parent should be the “receiving parent”, or the pollen donor, and the other the “male parent”, or the female seed stock. Typically, you want to select parents with desired traits, such as high yields, bold flavors, pest resistance, etc. Once you have your plants selected, they should both be trained and grown in separate rooms. This is important because if you grew both plants in the same space, they could cross pollinate with each other’s pollen.

    The next step is to make sure your plants are ready to pollinate. You can test to ensure they have the desired concentration of pollen by looking at the trichomes. If they have reached the prime level of maturity, you should be ready to pollinate.

    When your plants are ready, you’ll need to transfer the pollen from the male parent to the female parent. This can be done with a small hand-held pollination brush or by using a filtered air compressor to blow on the male flowers and transfer the pollen. Once the pollen is on the female flowers, allow up to a week for the flowers to develop into seeds.

    After your seeds have formed, you must then collect the seeds and store them in a dry and cool environment. You should keep the seeds in their original packaging and label them so you can keep track of the genetics and their phenotype.You can then use this seed for breeding to create new strains.

    Breeding cannabis is an incredibly rewarding process that takes a lot of effort and patience. It can take a few months or even years to develop a new strain, but the rewards are great. Make sure to document your progress along the way and test the potency of your strains to ensure they are high quality batches. Over time, you’ll be able to breed strains that have the perfect phenotype and the exact terpene profile that you are looking for. Have fun and explore the possibilities!

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