What is the best strain for migraine headaches?

I get migraines frequently and have heard that cannabis can help. What is the best strain for migraine headaches?

One answer “What is the best strain for migraine headaches?

  1. Cannabis has been used for centuries to help treat various types of chronic pain, including migraine headaches. The most promising aspect of using cannabis to help with migraine headaches is its ability to reduce inflammation and alleviate the various symptoms associated with the disorder. However, choosing the right strain of cannabis is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor—each strain offers its own medicinal benefits.

    To understand why each marijuana strain can differ when treating migraine headaches we must first discuss the primary compounds that give cannabis its therapeutic effects: cannabidiol (CBD), and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is the principal medicinal compound that provides more of the calming and anti-inflammatory effects, while THC is the main psychoactive compound that produces more of the uplifting and euphoric effects. Depending on which strain you choose, the ratio of either THC or CBD can vary.

    Now, let’s look at Blue Dream as an example. This strain is known for its high levels of CBD, which can provide anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects for those experiencing migraine headaches. CBD can help reduce the severity of nausea, which is a common symptom of this disorder. Additionally, Blue Dream has moderate levels of THC that can provide ample relief while still avoiding the more intense cerebral effects.

    Harlequin is another strain known to provide relief from migraine headaches. This strain is a balanced hybrid, meaning it contains more even levels of both THC and CBD. Its CBC content can provide calming, anti-inflammatory relief while its THC content can help counteract some of the cerebral aspects associated with migraines, such as sensitivity to light and sound.

    Another migraine-friendly strain is Sour Diesel. This strain is well-known for its powerful stimulating effects, which can help counteract the drowsiness that can be caused by migraine headaches. Additionally, Sour Diesel’s high THC content can provide powerful pain-relieving effects that make this strain an optimal choice for migraine sufferers.

    Finally, there is the strain Redwood Kush. This indica is known for being intensely sedative, and its high levels of CBD can provide potent anti-inflammatory effects. Although this strain will not provide the same stimulating energetic effects as Sour Diesel, its sleep-promoting and pain-relieving properties make it ideal for those who need to relax and rest while treating their migraines.

    When looking for the best cannabis strain for migraine headaches, it’s important to consider the ratio of THC to CBD that is right for you. Understanding the therapeutic benefits of the primary cannabinoid compounds can help you make a more informed choice when selecting the right strain for your needs. As always, consult with a qualified cannabis professional to ensure you are making the right decision for your personal health.

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