One answer “When to start fertilizing cannabis plants?

  1. Starting a cannabis fertilization plan is important to get the best yields and best quality of flower. There are two different approaches to fertilizing cannabis plants, one is to start early in the growth cycle and another is to start later. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to understand the best time to fertilize in order to get the most out of your cannabis crop.

    Fertilizing cannabis early in the growth cycle is generally recommended. Early fertilization encourages plant growth and greater biomass, which can lead to higher yields. Starting early will also increase the likelihood of success by providing the plants with necessary vitamins and minerals from the start. Early fertilization also allows for greater control over the environment, which can be beneficial if the plants are growing in a less than ideal environment. Additionally, early fertilization encourages a more efficient use of the essential nutrients, allowing the plants to absorb and use them more effectively during the vegetative and flowering phases.

    On the other hand, starting to fertilize later in the growth cycle can be beneficial too. Late fertilization can help combat nutrient deficiency, as plants may need more nutrients than usual late in the cycle in order to ensure a successful harvest. Late fertilization can also help to strengthen and improve the quality of the buds, resulting in a tastier, longer lasting smoke.

    Ultimately, the best time to start fertilizing cannabis plants depends on the strain, growing environment and individual grower. If the environment is suitable, it is ideal to start fertilizing early, as this will help to produce larger yields with less nutrient wastage. However, if the plants are struggling with nutrient deficiency or other environmental conditions, late fertilization may be a better option, as it can help to supplement the plants and strengthen the buds. It is important to monitor the plants throughout the growth cycle and adjust the fertilization schedule accordingly in order to get the best results.

    No matter which approach is taken, it is essential to use high quality fertilizers that are tailored to the specific needs of cannabis plants. Different species of cannabis have different nutrient needs and it’s important to use fertilizers that are designed to meet those needs in order to get the best yields and highest quality of flowers.

    In short, the best time to fertilize cannabis plants depends on the specific strain and environment, but starting early is generally recommended in order to encourage greater biomass and efficient nutrient uptake. However, late fertilization can also be beneficial if there are environmental issues or nutrient deficiency that need to be addressed. It is important to monitor the plants and adjust your fertilizer schedule accordingly in order to get the best results.

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