How to properly set up a SCROG system?

I am new to SCROG growing and I would like to know the proper steps to set up the system, can you give me a guide?

One answer “How to properly set up a SCROG system?

  1. Setting up a Screen of Green (SCROG) Growing System

    Setting up a SCROG growing system is relatively simple and can be done by any level of grower. You’ll just need a few supplies, some patience and determination, and you’ll be growing like a pro in no time.

    First, you’ll need to get hold of the necessary supplies. You’ll need some quality screen, preferably of the metal variety with 1/2” – 3/4” holes. The quality of the screen will depend on the size and number of bud sites your plants will develop, so be sure to get one that’s suitable for your needs. You’ll also need some sturdy wire threaded with E19 hooks to hang the screen. This will make sure it remains taut and secure over the course of your grow.

    You’ll also need to get some trellising posts, preferably of the adjustable variety as they are the sturdiest and simplest to adjust once your plants are growing. Make sure the posts are at least 4’ tall when fully adjusted. Depending on how tall your plants grow, you may want to get taller posts or extra lengths of wire to span between posts to keep the trellising taut.

    Next, you’ll want to select an appropriate grow space for your SCROG. Make sure it has enough room for your trellising posts and is well-ventilated and lit (artificial or sunlight) to provide your plants with the adequate light and air flow they need.

    Once you have all your supplies gathered, it’s time to start setting up the actual grow structure. Start by setting up your trellising posts, making sure they are firmly in the ground and evenly spaced. Then hang your screen across the span of the posts and make sure it is secure and taut.

    Once the screen is up, it’s time to position your plants. Start with three or four seedlings or cuttings and position them with their main stem on the screen where they will form the four “corners” of your SCROG. As your plants start to grow, you may need to re-position them closer to the screen and adjust the spacing to even out the number of buds produced.

    When your plants reach the trellising height, it’s time to start wiring them to the trellis. You’ll want to use some thin wire or string to do this, and make sure it is not too tight as it can end up cutting or strangling the plant. Once the plants are wired, give them some gentle support by lightly bending or weaving the branches into the screen to encourage even bud development.

    Finally, you’ll want to make sure to clip away any branches or growth which begin to grow out of the SCROG structure. This will help ensure an even light exposure and good air flow throughout your plants.

    The great thing about SCROG growing is that it can produce some of the largest harvests with the most even bud development. It’s a great way to maximize your yields while ensuring quality results. Just remember to be patient and adjust your plants as they grow, and you’ll be growing like a pro!

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