What are the best techniques for growing Blue Dream autoflower?

I’m growing Blue Dream autoflower and I want to ensure a successful grow. What are some techniques that I should use when growing this strain? Are there any common issues that growers face when growing Blue Dream autoflower?

One answer “What are the best techniques for growing Blue Dream autoflower?

  1. When it comes to growing an autoflower like Blue Dream, you’re in for a real treat. It is known as one of the most common and widely grown cannabis strains, and with good reason! It’s easy to grow, robust and produces an amazing yield packed with flavor, aroma, and potency. However, as enjoyable and fulfilling as growing this strain is, proper care and technique must be taken to ensure you have a successful grow. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your results when growing Blue Dream Autoflower.

    Choose the right container. Blue Dream Autoflower is a large, robust strain, so make sure you pick a container that will accommodate its size and potential yield. A 5-7 gallon container should be enough for a single plant, or a 10-15 gallon for two or three. It’s better to go bigger than smaller, as the larger containers will provide your plants with more breathing space, leading to higher yields.

    Conduct proper water stress management. At the beginning of the flowering stage it is advisable to keep your plants slightly moist and avoid any over or under watering. Monitor your soil and check that your plants are in a slightly moist condition. From there you can increase or decrease the amount of water you give them to control their water stress, which will help shape and control the size of your plants as they grow.

    Proper lighting. As with any autoflowering strain, Blue Dream Autoflower will need up to 18 hours of light per day in order to grow optimally. Make sure that you invest in a good quality light for your plants and position it correctly for optimal growth.

    Regular trimming and topping. As Blue Dream Autoflower tends to grow thickly and rapidly, trimming its branches and tops will help with airflow and light penetration, as well as keep your plants nice and even. Aim to trim any overhanging branches and tops you see during each cycle.

    Be mindful of temperature and humidity. Blue Dream Autoflower can take a broad range of temperature, but if grown indoors, temperatures should remain between 75-85F. Similarly, the ideal humidity should be between 40-50%. Too much humidity can lead to powdery mildew, while too little can result in droopy leaves and small yields.

    Be mindful of pests and disease. Being an outdoor strain, Blue Dream Autoflower is especially susceptible to pests and disease. Keep an eye out for pests like spider mites and whiteflies, as well as diseases like powdery mildrow and bud rot. Should you encounter any of these issues, make sure to address them immediately in order to keep your plants healthy and bug-free.

    By following these tips, your Blue Dream Autoflower plants should come out strong, healthy, and ready to yield a nice crop of sugary, aromatic buds. The key to success is to be mindful of your grow environment, manage your water and nutrients accordingly, and remain diligent in preventing pests and diseases. With a little bit of knowledge and care, Blue Dream Autoflower is sure to give you a great experience and batch of buds worth bragging about!

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