One answer “What is vaporization?

  1. Vaporization, commonly referred to as “vaping,” is an increasingly popular way to consume cannabis that doesn’t involve smoking. Unlike smoking a joint, blunt, or pipe, vaporizing doesn’t involve burning or combustion. Instead, the cannabis is heated to a much lower temperature, allowing you to release the plant’s therapeutic compounds without any of the potentially carcinogenic by-products of combustion.

    The key to why vaporization is so unique is that it releases the therapeutic compounds in cannabis – think THC, CBD and other cannabinoids – without burning any of the plant material. When it comes to smoking, combustion breaks down the cannabinoids and other compounds resulting in potentially hazardous by products like tar, carbon monoxide and more. Smoking also has the potential to damage lung tissue due to constant exposure to heat, smoke and toxins. In most cases, vaporization eliminates any damaging compounds resulting in a more flavorful, smoother experience with less odor.

    When it comes to vaporizing cannabis, one of the major benefits is that you can control your dosage. Vaporizer pens and other devices come equipped with temperature gauges and settings, allowing you to choose the right temperature to release the desired compounds. For instance, vaporizing at lower temperatures will activate and release more of the CBD and other cannabinoids, while higher temperatures will activate and release more of the THC, giving you a stronger THC experience. This way, you have more control over the effects you get from your cannabis.

    The other major benefit to vaporizing versus smoking is that it is much less smelly. If discretion is important to you, vaporizing can help keep your marijuana usage relatively discreet. Vaporizing cannabis doesn’t give off a strong, pungent odor like you might experience when smoking a joint.

    There are some drawbacks to vaporizing as well. It can be a bit expensive to purchase a vaporizer pen and to stock up on the different cannabis extracts and concentrates. Many vaporizers need to be recharged, meaning you need to have access to a charger and a port to plug your device into. If you don’t, you could be stuck or in a

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