What are the ideal flowering times for Acapulco Gold feminized seeds?

I’m growing Acapulco Gold feminized seeds and I want to know what the ideal flowering times are for this strain. How long does it take for Acapulco Gold to flower, and when should I start the flowering stage?

One answer “What are the ideal flowering times for Acapulco Gold feminized seeds?

  1. Flowering time is one of the most important considerations when growing Acapulco Gold. When grown indoors, this popular strain usually flowers in 8 to 9 weeks. For outdoor growers, the flowering period typically lasts from late September to late October. As with most other cannabis strains, the flowering time of Acapulco Gold can be affected by environmental factors such as temperature and lighting.

    Most cannabis strains will begin flowering once the days start to become shorter and the nights become longer. This signals to the plant that winter is coming, so it’s time to start producing buds in order to ensure reproduction once spring arrives. For indoor growers, this means that it’s time to adjust the lighting schedule from a 18/6 day/night cycle to a 12/12 day/night cycle.

    The flowering stage is the most critical period in the cannabis plant’s life cycle. It’s the the time when buds will appear and the plant will start to take on the characteristics of the strain, such as aroma, taste, and effect. For Acapulco Gold, the buds start to really take shape after about 7-9 weeks and will continue to develop until the end of flowering.

    Acapulco Gold typically displays bright red and orange pistils, but this can vary from plant to plant. The buds will become denser and denser, sometimes solidifying together as one unit. THC content will also begin to peak around week 8.

    During the flowering stage, there are several things to bear in mind. First of all, the temperature should remain between 70-79 degrees Fahrenheit. Severe fluctuations in temperature can cause the plants to suffer and produce less buds. Secondly, it’s important to maintain a high relative humidity of around 55-65%. This ensures that the plants don’t suffer from too much moisture loss. Lastly, it’s important to give the plants plenty of nutrients. A nutrient-rich diet is essential in order to produce top-quality buds.

    All of these factors combined ensure a successful grow and rewarding harvest of Acapulco Gold. If you do everything right, your plants should be finished flowering anywhere from late September to late October depending on the environment. At this stage, it’s time to relax, enjoy the spoils of your labour, and perhaps even share the bounty with your friends! Thank you for reading!

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