One answer “What is polyhybrid breeding in cannabis?

  1. Polyhybrid breeding is a commonly used technique among cannabis breeders in which two or more distinct marijuana varieties are crossed in order to create offspring that combines the desired traits of both parent plants. This can be done by pollinating a female strain (the mother) with the pollen of a male strain (the father) to obtain seeds that contain the genetics of both parents in a single variety.

    Often, crossbreeding strains creates plants that are more uniform and have desirable traits that are passed on to subsequent generations. Polyhybrid breeding is also a great way to create a strain with specific traits that have been selected from two distinct plants. By doing this, cannabis breeders can maximize the potential of their crop by combining the best attributes of two or more strains, such as flavor, aroma, potency, flowering times, medicinal values, and other factors.

    A major advantage to polyhybrid breeding when compared to other breeding methods is its vast scope. By combining two or more strains, a breeder can create a variety that by itself is considered a new strain with its own unique characteristics. This creates a much wider range of possibilities than simply selecting one trait from a single variety and breeding for that one trait. Cross-breeding multiple varieties allows for an even higher degree of control when customizing the characteristics of the new strain.

    The use of environmental and environmental-horticultural techniques is also important when it comes to polyhybrid breeding. Cannabis breeders can manipulate the environment in order to affect the genetic makeup of their strains. This includes techniques like selective pruning and trellising as well as altering temperatures and humidity levels. These methods can be used to increase certain desired traits in the crop.

    Polyhybrid breeding also allows breeders to create a strain with a characteristic that other strains may lack. The combination creates a hybrid strain that has multiple desirable traits that the parents’ strains may not possess alone. This allows for a much higher level of control and potential for success. And because of the sheer diversity in genetics between two strains, the hybrid strain will usually be much more resistant to disease and pests, and more tolerant of adverse weather conditions.

    Overall, polyhybrid breeding comes with many advantages and can produce a high quality product with desired traits. With the millions of different strains of marijuana, cannabis breeders are now able to maximize their potential by producing plants that are not just better, but also rare and unique. For those looking for a custom strain for recreational or medicinal purposes, polyhybrid breeding may be the ideal solution.

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