What is SCROG and how does it benefit cannabis growth?

Could you explain what SCROG is and the advantages it brings to cannabis growing? I’ve heard it’s a great method, but I want to know more about it before I try it.

One answer “What is SCROG and how does it benefit cannabis growth?

  1. SCROG (Screen of Green) is a cannabis growing technique that is widely used by both hobbyists and professional cultivators. It involves using netting or screens across your grow space to optimise the light intensity and exposure across your plants. By using the netting you can select which plants to grow and manipulate their behaviour in order to achieve higher yields.

    This technique works by creating a web-like structure of netting, lattice or screen to provide branches of the cannabis plant to grow through while limiting vertical growth. As the branches reach the screen they will spread horizontally, growing buds along the way. This is what gives the plant its memorable ‘busy’, tree-like structure.

    The advantages of using SCROG when growing cannabis are numerous. To start, this technique helps to maximise exposure to light and support airflow. This helps to ensure an even distribution of light across all plants, which in turn encourages uniform, healthy growth and large yields.

    Second, SCROG facilitates better air circulation as air can flow evenly throughout the structure, and the horizontal branches means there is often more space available for air flow than vertical growth. This helps to prevent humidity-related issues and reduce the build-up of fungal mould.

    Third, this method helps to reduce the overall risk of pests and diseases. Plant diseases are often spread through contact with other infected plants, so by controlling the vertical growth you can keep your plants farther away, and therefore disease and pest infestations at bay.

    Finally, SCROG is a great tool to use when aiming to achieve a consistent canopy across your crop. By controlling your plants’ canopy from the start, you can ensure that your crop is healthy and attractive, and maximise yields.

    Overall, SCROG is an incredibly useful tool for professional and hobbyist cannabis growers. It can help to increase yields, minimise the spread of diseases, and ensure an even distribution of light and airflow. However, before you decide to use this technique it is important to consider the space available, the type of lights you are using, and the strain of cannabis you are growing. With careful planning and some knowledge this technique can help you get the most out of your crop.

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