What is SCROG in cannabis growing?

Can someone explain to me what SCROG means in the context of growing cannabis? I’ve heard it mentioned a lot, but I’m not quite sure what it entails.

One answer “What is SCROG in cannabis growing?

  1. SCROG, or Screen of Green, is a training technique used for growing cannabis plants. It involves placing a screen or grid over a cannabis plant and training its branches through the screen in order to create an even canopy of budding sites. The idea is that by doing this and maintaining a flat surface, you create a more even and consistent distribution of light which encourages the plant to produce more even yields.

    The philosophy behind SCROG is to use the limited space of an indoor setup to its full potential by forcing more of the growth upward. In this way, the grower can grow more cannabis with the same space and light they are using. This is done by using the SCROG to force the plants to grow in a more horizontal pattern so that they take up less vertical space while still producing buds.

    The SCROG process starts by choosing the right type of screen to use. This can either be a mesh style mesh or a solid panel of some kind. If using mesh, it should be light enough to allow the light to pass through but also dense enough to contain the branches. Usually, the mesh should be about 2–4 inches wide and about 3–4 feet long.

    Once you have your screen in place, train your plants to grow through it. You can do this by tying down or attaching the branches of the plants via twine, twist ties or clips. This will cause the branches to grow in a more horizontal pattern, which can then be directed to run through the screen. When done properly, this will create an even canopy of growth through which more light can reach more bud sites.

    Once your plants are trained to grow through the SCROG, you can manage and monitor their growth. You should trim away any excess leaves or branches that are not running through the screen and check for an even distribution of buds throughout the screen. You should also manage the height and width of your screen to ensure you are making full use of the available lighting.

    Using the SCROG technique is not only an effective way to maximize the yield from your cannabis plants, but it is also relatively easy to do.Once you understand the basics, it becomes quite simple to set up and maintain and will usually provide great results.

    Overall, SCROG is an interesting and effective technique for growing cannabis, especially in an indoor setting. By training your cannabis plants to grow horizontally and directing their growth through a screen, you are able to create an even canopy which encourages larger, more even yields. With a little bit of patience and practice, you can use SCROG to become a cannabis growing pro.

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